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Points about pony!Rabastan:

1: Obviously from Equestria, though a slightly different Equestria than the one we all know. The Mane Six are part of it, though some elements are altered somewhat [see below].

2: Attended a special school that was exclusively for unicorns, which everyone his family has all attended for many, many moons.

3: Speaking of moons, he grew up fascinated by the tale of the Mare in the Moon, and it was this that lead to him wanting to learn more about the magics of the night and the moon that gave him his cutie mark.

4: His name is not Rabastan, but Beta Draconis [I am not sure what AU!name his brother and sister-in-law will have].

5: Has a bully-type dog named Betria.

6: Unlike canon FIM, there are elements that are similar to Potter-verse, in that there's a small group of ponies—unicorns specifically—that believe that they are better than the other kinds of pony, and one in particular is trying to establish a kingdom where unicorns rule and everyone else is either a second-class citizen or a slave. Obviously Celestia is Not Happy About This, and is trying to put a stop to it. Meanwhile Rabastan is being pressured by his brother [who has already joined the unicorn supremacy movement (not its actual name!)] into joining, but at this time, he has not, and is trying to avoid being press ganged or worse.
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