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Name:Rabastan Lestrange
Birthdate:Sep 5, 1958
"A Death Eater; brother of Rodolphus Lestrange (GF30, OP6). Rabastan and his brother Rodolphus were captured by the Ministry of Magic after their attack on the Longbottoms (November or December 1981) and given a life sentence in Azkaban (GF27, GF33); however, they escaped when the Dementors turned against the Ministry in January 1996 (OP25). [Taken from the HP Lexicon.]"

They all thought they knew me. Who I was; who I am.

How wrong they all were...

Rabastan Lestrange is from the Harry Potter book series by JK Rowling/Scholastic/Warner Bros/etc., and is canon [or, at the very least, compliant up to and including] as of Book Seven ["Deathly Hallows"], considering he's now a werewolf [thanks a whole fucking lot, Rodolphus]. NOTE: AU now that he lives in Mia's world.

He appears in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit [other than enjoyment—and that'll never pay the bills] is being made.

And if you're wondering, his PB is Jackson Browne and various animals.

No longer wears wizard world attire. Current dress is a bit like this: Here, here [minus war paint!], here, here, here and here.

NOTE: Rabastan's appearance has altered slightly post-Slenderman. See this thread for more.

T-minus info: betaDraconis. Hex: 6E5330
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