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"I want to talk to you."

"I don't."

Beta Draconis had been trying to elude his brother for days, but now he was cornered.

"You're going to, anyways. There's nopony around to provide you with a last-second means of getting out of this."

He was right. Beta Draconis was stuck in a dead-end alley in the less-savoury part of town, and his older brother was blocking the single way out.

"What do you want, Alpha?"

"I have a message, actually," his brother, Alpha Lupus, said casually. "Nox is getting tired of waiting. He wants you to join up with him—"


"I knew you'd say that. But you can't refuse forever, you know. You either come willingly, or..."

Alpha let it hang in the air.

"I'm not going to be part of whatever it is Nox is planning. I told you that. Ponies are supposed to get along."

"Oh, am I going to get a lecture on friendship now? Or maybe something about those Elements of Harmony?" He snorted. "Who even believes in that anyways?"

"Some ponies do," Beta Draconis muttered.

"Yeah. You."

Beta Draconis flattened his ears and looked away, ashamed.

"Anyways," Alpha Lupus went on, "Nox has given you until the Summer Sun Celebration to make up your mind, or he'll make it up for you."

Beta Draconis' ears were barely visible, and he took a step backwards.

"He- He wouldn't?"

Alpha Lupus leaned in.

"Oh no? Well, you'd better make up your mind if you don't want to find out the hard way."

"No! No, I don't want to! And nopony can make me!"

Hoofsteps sounded outside the alley.

"Is anypony there?" a stranger's voice said.

"Until the Summer Sun Celebration," Alpha Lupus reminded, then teleported out of the alley.

Without hesitation, Beta Draconis ran out of the alley and past the stranger, as fast as he could, until he reached his cottage.

A note. He wanted to send out a note. But to who?

Then it dawned on him: Princess Celestia! Of course!

He'd never conversed with the princess before, since he didn't really know her at all, but with the ultimatumn hanging over his head, why wait to be given an invitation to meet her so that you can discuss your problems with her?

After all, there were ponies who came to her all the time to solve a problem, and this was a problem.

A brief search for quill and roll of parchment was carried out, then he set to writing.

"Dear Princess Celestia..."


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